Filippo Uecher

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The Filippo Uecher collection, made of natural fibres is not only the fruit of his labours, but also reflects the family, professional and human emotions that have accompanied the course of his life, his link to the territory, his curiosity and strong will for continual improvement.

Filippo Uecher natural fibres collection originates from the desire to put to good use the long experience begun in the 1970/80’s when, as a twenty-year-old, his father introduced him into the family firm after my education in the Biella textile school. Biella is a city in Piedmont with a plural-secular textile tradition in which by roots run deep.

The job that he started at such a young age gave him many opportunities to come to terms with the world and taught him a lot.

The curiosity he developed permitted him to grow and work in contact with increasingly stimulating realities while his role in the company and their professional know-how continued to evolve.

He has designed many textiles and fancy patterns, created yarns which gave fabrics elegance and a natural look, and has worked with and created for many world-renowned brands while remaining in the shadows until he eventually decided to once more throw his hat into the ring and create a collection of furnishing fabrics which bore his name and reflected all his experience.