Coco Wolf

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Coco Wolf defines the new benchmark in outdoor luxury furniture. In execution, design, and production, Coco Wolf has created a truly revolutionary product – upholstered outdoor furniture. In essence, combining the coveted comfort of the indoors with a new standard in style and durability for the outdoors.

Years of research and development, innovative use of materials such as sustainable marine grade timbers, ‘invisible’ drainage systems and galvanised springs are just some of the secrets that make Coco Wolf products engineered to defy the whims of the British weather.

Manufactured in the heart of England to the exacting standards of bespoke British craftsmanship, Coco Wolf furniture is designed with uncompromising attention to detail and style. With upholstered pieces as weather resilient as they are stunning Coco Wolf furniture is perfect for any project requiring protection from the elements or high-traffic use.

Coco Wolf is a family business, born of an ambition to combine the chic allure of the fashion world with the technical challenge of crafting premium sustainable outdoor furniture. Creatively in-sync, the founders were drawn together by a passion for design and outdoor living. Their shared ideals created a vision for bridging the gap between luxury indoor and outdoor furniture.

Realising that vision, Coco Wolf Collections range in style from traditional to contemporary to suit every space and every taste, allowing your bespoke designs to flow seamlessly from inside to outside without a whisper of compromise.

Equally at home overlooking a smouldering city from a rooftop bar; framed by a breezy ocean vista, or nestled elegantly on an Alpine winter terrace, Coco Wolf serves renowned architects and designers, as well as direct clients, established as a pioneering British purveyor of high-end outdoor furniture, rivalling the best indoor furniture on the market.